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PHP MYSQL(Live Project Training)

You will learn in PHP Live Project Training Program. PHP offers unmatched authenticity and simplistic open source platform. Companies all over the world are drawn to its utmost flexibility and convenience. Develop highly reliable and secure web applications. Get PHP Project training from the masters to start integrating on PHP and be the next trend-setter. The most practical and engaging PHP training course in our company for new-age developers. Learn from the masters. Get Job assisted live project training on the most current topics with industry-wide recognized Certification. A comprehensive hands-on PHP training program designed to boost 360 degree learning.

You will learn in PHP Live Project Training Program
  • Introduction To PHP
  • Basic PHP Programming
  • Conditional Statements & Loops
  • Arrays & PHP Library Function
  • Functions
  • OOPS - Classes and Objects li>
  • PHP Forms & Scripts
  • Validation & File System
  • Database
  • Cookies & Session
  • Disk Access, I/O, PHP Mail
  • Error Handling and PHP Debugging
  • PHP Configuration & Security li>
  • Basic HTML 5 / CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Live Project

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